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PRESENT: James Heppell, (Chairman) Frank Dewhurst (Hon Treasurer), Sue Czuba (Hon Secretary), Irene Carter (Ladies Captain), Pat Kitson (Ladies Vice Captain), Francis Czuba(Gentlemen’s Representative), Mike Nash (Green Keeper)

APOLOGIES: Jackie Brown, Joan Cooper, Sheila Nash, Danny Bentley

CHAIRMAN'S REPORT: Jim opened the meeting, thanking all those present with a special welcome to the newest member of the Committee, Irene, and thanks for taking on the role of Ladies Captain. Pat has now taken up a new role as Ladies Vice Captain and Sue is now the Hon. Secretary.

The Minutes of the last meeting were discussed and agreed.

MATTERS ARISING: Any matters arising will be dealt with as they arise during the meeting.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Frank reported that he has withdrawn the club funds from the Allied Irish Bank. Currently the money is in the current account but once the new signatories have been sorted out he will open two deposit accounts at Barclays. ₤10,000 will be placed in a one year fixed rate account and the rest in an ordinary account to allow access if necessary.

The presentation dinner raised a surplus of ₤113, with the raffle raising an additional ₤200 and the surplus on the bar a further ₤50.00.

₤200 has been paid for the wiring to the window shutters and ₤180 has been paid for the bar licence.

The Club's finances are as follows:

Funds to hand - ₤3,560

Green Reserve - ₤19,150

100-Club Draw for December - 1st Shirley Kinnison and 2nd Joan Murfitt

SECRETARY'S REPORT: Sue had received the following correspondence:

Letter from Eric Monk informing the Committee that he will not be bowling next year due to a medical problem. He will, however, continue as an associate member and carry on doing the artwork on the awards boards if the Committee is agreeable to this. It was agreed that a letter of acknowledgement and thanks be sent to Eric.

Quote from Keith Lodge to supply and install a replacement Emergency Light in the lobby – ₤184.74. Frank will speak with Keith and arrange fitting.

Letter from JMS Catering Company with menus and rates. Passed to Mike for Sheila Nash to look at.

MENS' CAPTAIN'S REPORT: There was no report.

LADIES' CAPTAIN'S REPORT: At the next County meeting a proposal to hold the Top Club and Albert Crabb competitions on specified dates instead of clubs arranging mutually convenient dates will be raised. Club members had been asked their opinions and they would prefer to leave clubs to arrange their own dates. Jim agreed to pass on our views via email as Joan Cooper is unable to attend the meeting.

MATCH SECRETARY'S REPORT: Jim reported that he is still going through the fixtures for next year. He had offered a date to Chingford but had a response saying that members do not want to travel away for a friendly fixture!


DELEGATES' REPORT: B&D – nothing to report. C&D – Frank will attend the AGM in December and give Jim's details.

SOCIAL SECRETARY'S REPORT: In Sheila's absence Mike reported that all had gone well with the Club dinner. Sheila had asked for feedback on the evening and the Committee all agreed that the evening had been very enjoyable and the entertainer had been very good and we should think about asking him again next year.

Sheila has received a letter of thanks from ASDA for the money raised at the Club dinner which was donated to Children in Need.

Sheila has started to look for venues for the Club holiday next year where there will be less travelling to the games.

Sheila would welcome any feedback that members may be able to provide on visits to Potters as it is believed that the standard there has fallen.

GREENKEEPER'S REPORT: Not much to report – more moss killer has been purchased. Mike will treat the moss on the drive, in the car park and on the path leading into the Club. Danny has been pressure spraying the paths around the green and they are looking very good. The Committee would like to thank Danny for all his hard work.


DEVELOPMENT AND RECRUITMENT COMMITTEE: After some discussion it was agreed that the Open Day next year should be a whole weekend and the most convenient date for this was 7th and 8th May 2011. Sue will check with the Ongar Chronicle how early in the month the magazine is delivered. It is anticipated that posters will also be printed and put up around the area a couple of weeks before the Open Weekend.

ANY OTHER BUSINESS: Jim reported that Ralph Cooper had expressed an interest in joining the Committee. It was agreed to write to Ralph inviting him to join the Committee as a co-opted member.

The keypad on the gate has been broken. Jim has ordered a new one which will cost ₤35.60 and should arrive next week.

The lights in the car park need for be set to stay on for longer. Frank will speak to Keith.

Future meetings – after some discussion it was agreed that Friday was still the preferred evening but that the meetings would start at 6.30pm. Although it was agreed that meetings would be held on the first Friday of each month your Chairman asks that this be changed to the second Friday of each month.

A resolution was proposed by Frank that:

Susan Czuba becomes an authorised signatory in the place of Pat Kitson and we will continue with the provision that any one authorised person can instruct the bank.

Proposed by Frank Dewhurst

Seconded by Francis Czuba

PLANNING APPLICATION: no report was available.

Jim reported that there has been an enquiry about booking our hall for a wedding reception in September 2011 after the end of the outdoor season. It was agreed that more detailed discussions should take place about this once Christmas was over.

Date of Next Meetings:

Friday 14th January 2011

Friday 11th February 2011

Friday 11th March 2011

Friday 8th April 2011

Friday 13th May 2011

Friday 10th June 2011

Friday 8th July 2011

Friday 12th August 2011

Friday 9th September 2011

Friday 14th October 2011

Friday 11th November 2011

Friday 9th December 2011

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